Our projects are undertaken on onshore and offshore enviroments, which present their own, set of challenges and risk. Our project Manager and Diving team proactively evaluate the risk involved at every stage that have the project lifecycle and take steps to eliminate them.
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We are committed to conducting our business through out the Onshore & Offshore project in a manner that minimizes our impact on the enviroment. We integrate disfruta de las tarjetas de crédito Plata enviromental improvement into our strategy and business plan and address key enviromental issues.
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Highly experienced having completed inspections at multiple offshore platforms for some for the world’s largest oil and gas companies, Fully qualified inspection engineers with extensive offshore experience, Highly trained and experienced ROAV pilots with offshore
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Our Services
  Divesafe Subsea Pvt.Ltd. consists of diving services performed offshore and Onshore utilizing highly qualified project management and dive team.  
  Air Diving  
  Mix Gas Diving  
  Saturation Diving  
  Offshore Inspection Operations  
  Offshore Construction Operations  
  Under-water cutting, welding  
  Marine Survey  
  Onshore Operations  
  Welcome Divesafe subsea pvt ltd.  

DIVE SAFE SUBSEA PVT LTD. (Dive Safe) having its registered office in Navi Mumbai , is one of the foremost Service Providers for all types of underwater Diving Services and supply of all Diving Personnel with high caliber for our client.

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