One of my most visited websites has been this one about daytrips around Bangkok. As I live on the outskirts, I often go on day trips in this region. I also often take friends and relations on tours. However, I have been so busy with other projects, and also my day job working in a school, that I have neglected this website. Instead of just going through updating the blogs, some were written more than twenty years ago, I have decided to start again with all new pictures. I also decided to do this live. I am not sure how long this will take, so, in the meantime, please visit the old version by clicking here. I also have another website called Thailand Photo Map that has details including GPS coordinates of the trips that I have done around Thailand.

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Neighbouring Provinces to Bangkok:

The following table shows the nearest cities and provinces around Bangkok. The distances are between the capital and the provincial city as measured by Google Maps. Times may vary during rush hour traffic. For a day trip, you are looking at no more than two hours travel time. Some people go to Kanchanaburi and Pattaya as a day trip from Bangkok. But as it takes about two and a half hours I would personally do it as a two to three day trip. I have marked with an * the best places to do a day trip.

Provinces to the North,Distance,Traveling Time
Nonthaburi *,27.5 km,28 minutes
Pathum Thani *,40.8 km,45 minutes
Ayutthaya *,81.2 km,1 hour & 28 minutes
Suphanburi *,100.8 km,1 hour & 26 minutes
Angthong *,105.7 km,1 hour & 38 minutes
Saraburi *,113.0 km,1 hour & 45 minutes
Singburi,141.3 km, 1 hour & 59 minutes
Lopburi,138.0 km,2 hours & 13 minutes
Chai Nat,194.4 km,2 hours & 25 minutes
Provinces to the West,Distance,Traveling Time
Samut Sakhon *,47.2 km,48 minutes
Nakhon Pathom *,56.8 km,50 minutes
Samut Songkhram *,81.3 km,1 hour & 21 minutes
Ratchaburi *,99.6 km,1 hour & 29 minutes
Kanchanaburi,143.7 km,2 hours & 27 minutes
Provinces to the South,Distance,Traveling Time
Samut Prakan *,33.6 km,44 minutes
Phetchaburi,168.1 km,2 hours & 36 minutes
Hua Hin,198.8 km,2 hours & 57 minutes
Provinces to the East,Distance,Traveling Time
Chachoengsao *,84.6 km,1 hour & 27 minutes
Chonburi *,87.4 km,1 hour & 35 minutes
Pattaya,149.6 km,2 hours & 20 minutes
Rayong,183.5km,2 hours & 47 minutes

Many of the places that I feature on this website are not so easily reached by public transport. Certainly no direct transportation. You might have to change a few times. If you don’t have your own car, you could hire one for the day or even rent a taxi. This way you will have more flexibility and will be able to visit five or six locations in one day.

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