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  DIVE SAFE SUBSEA PVT LTD. (Dive Safe) having its registered office in Navi Mumbai , is one of the foremost Service Providers for all types of underwater Diving Services and supply of all Diving Personnel with high caliber for our client. Our service includes supplying of Diving Equipment’s & Man Power (Divers) for various underwater works. We also undertake ventures, which include all Diving Services (Diving Personnel’s, Diving Equipment & also Diving Support Vessels). For executing the work.

Dive Safe is well Technical Know-How and with its vast practical experience of key Management in Diving Services, provides ROV innovative solutions for underwater projects, our experience can be applied for gaining minimum cost effective results, we have Personnel of Technical, Commercial, Financial, Estimating, Planning, Cost Controlling, who are prompt to give cost effective solutions to our clients.
We assist our Clients who require experienced, expertise professional at all levels our focus is to provide high-level service to the industry. Our professional approach ensures that our Clients receive a solution that meets his requirements and expectations.
We are passionate in developing firm and long lasting relationship with our clients through sincere approach.



TO be acknowledged by our client, our People and the leading stategic in

Offshore engineering, Construction and Diving services.

We are predictable and Reliable in our Performance

We always strive for Excellence in our Project.

We do in order to achieve Superior business results


Dive Safe is committed to an incident-free workplace, every day, everywhere in our Onshore & Offshore Project.

Dive Safe continues to minimize the Impact of our activities on the environment.


Dive Safe applies the highest ethical standards to everything we do. We believe that by treating our clients, people and suppliers fairly and with respect we will earn their trust and build sustainable success together.


We are predictable and reliable in our performance. We always strive for excellence in everything we do In order to achieve superior business results.

• Safety

• Customer Communications & Expectations

• Leadership and teamwork

• Team moral’s

• Measure Performance

• Review Results

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• Critical Equipment

• Operating Knowledge

• Compliance

• Performance

• Preventative Maintenance

• Repair Standards

• Protection Standards


• Safety, Health and Environment

• Ethics

• Personnel

• Quality

• Communication

• Competitiveness and growth

• Objectivity

• Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

• Measure Results


Dive Safe Subsea Pvt. Ltd. Number One Ethic is the safety, health and well being of its employees, contractors, customers and the public. No job is so urgent that it cannot be done in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Dive Safe will foster an atmosphere that focuses on prevention of incidents and protection of the environment. Safety will never be compromised.

Dive Safe Senior Management believes that the Safety and Health of its employees, as well as the general public, together with the protection of the Environment are the overriding consideration in carrying out its diverse marine operations.


• Dive Safe Subsea commitment

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