Safety, Health and Environment
The safety, health and well being of our employees, contractors, Customers and the public are, collectively, our number One Ethic. We will never knowingly endanger people or pollute the environment. We will foster an atmosphere that focuses on the prevention of accidents and protection of the environment. Safety will never be compromised.
High ethical standards, combined with fairness and goodwill in both internal and external relationships, are essential to maximum success. The Company will adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our dealings and be recognized as upstanding citizens in the communities in which we live and work.
The success of the Company is determined by the quality and dedication of its people. Therefore, it is critical for us to create an atmosphere that contributes to the attraction and retention of the highest quality personnel. It is the task of management to maintain an atmosphere that will permit, as well as motivate, personnel to make their maximum contribution to the Company.
The Company will pay its employees competitive and equitable wages and will maintain reasonable, competitive working conditions, hours and benefits;
Operating practices which occasionally or unconsciously exploit employees in an attempt to attain short-term objectives will not be encouraged;
The Company will recognize personal and family needs and treat its employees with compassion and empathy in order to maintain the Dignity of the individual;
The Company does not believe in a paternalistic attitude toward its employees.
It is our belief that human growth is an endless process of Individualization, and managers must challenge everyone to utilize his/her individuality for personal growth and Company success.
Customer satisfaction is key to our success. We are committed to provide high value, quality services and products to satisfy our Customers’ needs. We will adhere to the Company’s Operating and Maintenance Standards to control the quality of our services and interactions with Customers. We will ensure that our services meet or exceed market and regulatory requirements at all times.
Open, honest, constructive communication is critical in establishing an informed and participative work force. A participative work environment will foster teamwork, mutual trust, innovation and progress toward the achievement of common goals.
  Competitiveness and growth
To be successful, a business enterprise must be made up of people who build and create. Growth is therefore necessary for a company to be healthy, successful and prosperous. Dive Safe will pursue a healthy rate of growth whenever business conditions warrant. Business should be kept in adjustment with the forces at work in the global world. The Company will evaluate and respond to opportunities in our markets and make appropriate changes in our business faster and better than our competitors. Our business will be administered with a sense of competitive urgency and operated in a manner that will generate sufficient profits to sustain our longterm growth. As we adjust to the external environment, change is not to be feared. Change presents valuable opportunities and should be planned for rather than left to chance.
Decisions will be based on objectively considered facts. Dive Safe’s people will make decisions using a process that emphasizes facts in consonance with knowledge and experience, always exercising caution to avoid confusion opinion with fact. Good decisions are based on good judgment.
  Improvement of Customer Satisfaction
To motivate the individual t the fullest, a system of Management by Objectives and appraisal of results will be utilized. We will require all managers to be proficient in setting specific and measurable goals, in planning for timely achievement of these goals, in planning for timely achievement of these goals, in appraising results, in building an organization and in training people that can plan for and achieve desired results. Accountability for results rests with the manager – it cannot be delegated. Every employee is committed to continuously improving each business process through a method of measurement that eliminates waste and contributes to Customer satisfaction.
  Measure Results
People will be evaluated and rewarded on the basis of their performance according to a plan and not on their personality, intelligence, race, color, creed or sex. Therefore, we must ask ourselves – what has he/she done? What contribution has he/she made? And not – whether we like the person. Appraisals shall be objective, not subjective.
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