offshore Construction Operations
  Pipeline and Platform Abandonment Projects   Pipeline Repair and Installations
  Rig Support and Maintenance   Wellhead Installations, Repair and Abandonments
  Riser and Riser Clamp Installations, Repair and Abandonments   Marine Salvage Projects
  Pipeline and Platform Anode Retrofits   Subsea Tree Installations, Repair and Removals
  Tripod Installation   Riser Installation
  ‘J’ Tube Installation   Barge Bumper Installation
  Riser Guard Installation   Boat Landing Installation
  Sumpcassion Installation   Spool Piece Installation
  Clamp Installation   SPM & SBM Installation
  PLEM Installation   Subsea & floating Hose Installation.
  Gripper Installation   Grouting
  Coflexy, Pipeline & Cable Laying.   Mattress Installation
  Debris Removal   Marine Growth Removing, Water jetting
  Concrete Cutting   And all Other Offshore Construction Works
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  Air Diving  
  Mix Gas Diving  
  Saturation Diving  
  Offshore Inspection Operations  
  Offshore Construction Operations  
  Under-water cutting, welding  
  Marine Survey  
  Onshore Operations  
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