Marina Survey
Dive Safe can provide a comprehensive range of marine survey services including pipeline and cable route surveys, vessel and rig positioning, oil and gas field surveys, offshore structure surveys and ROV pipeline touchdown monitoring (TDM).
Dive Safe Has significant marine expertise and can provide comprehensive services to the oil and gas industry to meet the demands of clients. We routinely provide complete packages of services such as vessel, ROV, survey and inspection services to undertake subsea inspection programmers. We can contribute from the beginning with support services during seismic surveys, collection of met ocean data, site surveys through to physical construction works and then undertake oilfield operations during the life of a field.
Dive Safe with significant marine expertise we can provide technical marine consulting services and management of marine operations. We work for companies both experienced in marine operations and those organizations who do not have the required skills in-hous
At Dive Safe Subsea Pvt. Ltd. we have developed this statement of basic philosophies and beliefs, which will form the framework, and foundation of all our actions.
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