onshore operations
  Sea Chest Cleaning and Blanking
  Hull Inspections, Repair, Maintenance and Cleaning
  Propeller Polishing and Repair
  Dock Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
  Lake and River Pipeline Crossing Inspections and Repair
  Underwater Welding and Burning Services
  Piling Sheet and Encapsulations Services
  Portable Water Tower and Tank Inspections
  Dam Inspections and Repairs
  Dry Dock Gates Repair & Replace etc.
  Block placing
  Under water epoxy grouting, sealing of Cavities
  Under water Grit blasting
  Under water cutting & welding
  Construction and repairing of jetty's
  Dredging and de-silting
  Other all Type of onshore Inspections, Constructions & Under Water Video Survey
  our services
  Air Diving  
  Mix Gas Diving  
  Saturation Diving  
  Offshore Inspection Operations  
  Offshore Construction Operations  
  Under-water cutting, welding  
  Marine Survey  
  Onshore Operations  
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